Birthday Party FAQs


Q: What if it is a rainy day?
A: We will provide tents on Wavertree, and Pioneer will sail rain or shine. In the unlikely event that the captain cancels the sail, we can either reschedule or we can process a refund.

Q: Can children be dropped off and then picked up later?
A: There needs to be a certain ratio of parents to children based on the age of the group. For 1-3 year old parties, we require a 2:1 child to parent ratio. For 4-5 we require 3:1, for Wavertree parties we require 5:1. On Pioneer we require a 6:1 ratio; note for Pioneer the absolute maximum is 36 passengers, all ages including infants.

Q: Can you accommodate my party if it is outside the given time slots?
A: Yes, but it would be considered an event rental, and will be handled by our events department.

Q: What if my party exceeds 50 people?
A: If your party exceeds 50 people, it is considered an event rental, and will be handled by our events department. It can be done, but events are more expensive than the child’s birthday party options.

Q: If my party ends up becoming an events rental (ie: too many people, different hours, etc.) can I still have an educational component?
A: Yes, for an additional fee we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Q: Is there access to an elevator or escalator for the miniMates play-space?
A: After Hurricane Sandy, the South Street Seaport Museum does not have a working escalator or elevator. In order to get to the miniMates play-space, your guests will be required to go up three flights of stairs.