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Museum Gallery Sessions | Visit the Museum Indoors

South Street Seaport Museum’s galleries – the artifacts , exhibits, and even the walls themselves – tell the story of the growth of New York from Dutch colonial outpost to thriving metropolis. Students visiting the museum galleries in our 200 year old building go back in time to learn about the past, the present, and the future.

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Discover New Amsterdam
90 minutes | Grades 2-12 | $175

What was life like here in Manhattan 350 years ago? And how do we know? Using primary sources such as images and documents, and hands-on work with artifacts, students peel back layers of history to learn about our city’s earliest days and explore NYC’s Dutch origins.


New York Sails Through Time
90 minutes | Grades 2-12 | $175

Look around in our Seaport neighborhood and out on the water. What do you see? What would you have seen in the year 1918? 1818? 1718? 1618? 1518? And how do we know? Students take their harbor observations into the museum galleries and compare the seaport now with historical images from years gone by. Through handling artifacts students further their understanding of the history of our community and how it developed.


The Erie Canal and NYC
90 minutes | Grades 2-12 | $175

Before 1825, New York City was no different from any other East Coast port. The opening of the Erie Canal changed everything. Students will work with hands-on demonstrations of wagons, barges, and canal locks, plus examine maps, artwork, artifacts, and primary sources to discover how the Erie Canal turned New York City into the nation’s center of finance, and changed the entire United States.


Archaeology Detectives
90 minutes | Grades 2-12 | $175 – $250

Dig down, layer by layer in Manhattan. What do you find? Historical clues! Students excavate dig boxes to find artifacts, then analyze them to learn about different people who lived in this neighborhood over the past 500 years.


Millions: NYC Immigration in the 20th Century
90 minutes | Grades 3-12 | $175

Ocean liners like Titanic and Aquitania once dominated transatlantic travel, transporting thousands of people on each voyage; the 1st class passengers in the lap of luxury, with the 3rd class confined to the stuffy lower decks. Students study photos, maps, and artifacts to develop an understanding of immigration in early 20th-century New York, comparing the voyage of the 1st and 3rd classes.

All programs are designed for groups of up to 34 students (40 people maximum including chaperones), but we do not recommend combining small classes into a big group.

All programs are aligned with New York City and State Social Studies and Science Learning Standards. Programs can be customized to meet your curricular goals and the needs of your students.

Reservations and advance payment required. Limited scholarships are available.

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