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Family Ecology Sails | Trawl Fishing Sail Program Aboard Schooner Pioneer

First Sail – June 3rd! | 3-Hour Sails | Purchase Tickets

Sailboats, tugboats, and ferries dot the surface of New York Harbor. But what lives under the waters? Board the historic 1885 schooner and set sail past Governors Island for the fishing grounds of Bay Ridge. We’ll set a trawl net and participants will haul it in, bringing up a variety of creatures from blue crabs to flounder. Will we catch a sea horse? A puffer fish? Maybe! Then it’s time to man your halyard and haul away! Children and adults help raise the sails so we can continue our exploration the old fashioned way. While sailing past the Statue of Liberty we’ll learn about the sea creatures we caught, examine plankton through a view-scope, test the water to learn how animals live here, and learn about our marine ecosystem.

$45 adults, $40 children 12 and under | Recommended for ages 5 to teens and their parents or caregivers | Members receive a $5 discount per ticket

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Ecology Sails are held every other Sunday through September 10th. Visit our Sail Pioneer calendar to browse for other available Family Ecology Sail dates

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