Residencies: South Street Seaport Museum visits Your Classroom


Complement your field trip to South Street Seaport Museum with programs brought into your classroom. Our educators come to you bringing customized activities and hands-on lessons to support your curriculum and prepare your students for their field trip.

– Boats:  what makes them float?  A study of buoyancy
– Sailboats:  what makes them go?  A study of wind
– Estuary Life:  What lives in New York Harbor and why?
– Time and Tides:  What causes tides and how they affect estuary life
– Cargo:  how do you build a boat to carry cargo?  Then how do you load a boat so it works the best?
– Salt or fresh?  Compare salt and fresh water and discover why it matters
– Mathematical navigation:  Use navigational tools and basic geometry to learn how to plot a course

All programs are designed for groups of up to 34 students (40 people maximum including chaperons).

All programs are aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, New York State Math, Science, and Technology Learning Standards, and New York State Social Studies Scope and Sequence.

Programs can be customized to meet your curricular goals and the needs of your students.

Descriptions here are geared to school groups, but programs are adaptable for afterschool, camp outings, team building, adult special interest clubs, professional development for teachers, and birthday parties.

For more information, or to book a program, please call (212)743-8753 or email

Reservations and advance payment required. Limited scholarships are available.