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Where is the program held?

The program takes place at the Seaport Museum at 12 Fulton Street, in a new program room on the Mezzanine level.. . Families can leave their strollers in the lobby and then walk up a few stairs to the classroom.

Do I have to register for the whole session or can we drop in from time to time?

We want to build a community of kids and caregivers who know and care about each other, and also tohave continuity in our learning activities, and so we ask families to sign up for an entire session. We do provide a pro-rated option for families who join part-way into the season. 

Can I do a trial class?

Trial classes for miniMates are offered on a case by case basis. Please contact us at to find out more.

I also care for an infant. Can I bring him or her along?

Yes! But please be aware that strollers need to be left in the lobby, so you will probably want to bring a portable carrier for the baby to sleep in.

This would be my child’s first group class, and I’m not sure if he or she is old enough for the program.

The class is well designed for children 18 months to 3 years, including toddlers. All activities are accessible to children of different ages and abilities. Children are encouraged but not pressured to participate in each activity.

Can I join in the middle of the session?

We do allow families to join after the session has begun if there is room in the class. We limit the class size to 12 kids and their caregivers.

Do I stay with my child?

Parents and caregivers are active participants in the program! Caregivers stay with and help the children. You are encouraged to sing along with the songs, make your own art, take advantage of the opportunity to be creative, and enjoy the companionship of the other caregivers.

Do you offer Open Play sessions?

Minimates is now taking place in a new classroom space, which is on a lower floor of the building, but is a smaller room.  Therefore we will not be offering Open Play in the minimates classroom space. However, beginning in May we plan to open a new family-centered section of the museum, near the new minimates space.  Museum guests and our members will find it a delightful space to engage with their children around Seaport themes. It will be open whenever the museum is open. If you think you’d like the option of staying after class in a family space, or visiting the space on a non-class day, we encourage you to become Museum members.