Year End Support 2016

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With your generous support over the past several years, we at the Seaport Museum—staff, board, and volunteers—have worked diligently to rebuild this essential New York institution. Despite many setbacks, including 9/11, the Great Recession, and Hurricane Sandy, the Seaport Museum has persevered. We have expanded programming and have strengthened relationships with our city and our educational partners. In September, we celebrated the return of our flagship—the 1885 full-rigged ship Wavertree—to South Street after her 16-month, $13 million, city-funded restoration. Wavertree is among the last of the great sailing ships and represents New York’s connection to the port cities of the world. Her restoration ushers in a new era for the Museum, and launches her activation as a destination and education platform.

In the last year we’ve accomplished so much!

Here are some of the many highlights of the past year:

  • Delivered 378 education programs to 9,059 participants, a significant increase from 2015
  • Sailed our 1885 schooner Pioneer with more than 4,400 adults and students on New York waterways
  • Engaged over 500 participants during 54 educational workshops at Bowne Printers, our 19th-century letterpress print shop
  • Raced our 1893 schooner Lettie G. Howard to glory, clinching second place in the Gloucester Schooner Race, while running an award-winning education program on board
  • Launched a popular new Free Fridays program, serving over 1,700 people from the community
  • Shared hundreds of historically significant artifacts from our collections with the public via social media, exhibitions, and loans to other cultural institutions
  • Opened our first post-Sandy exhibition, Street of Ships: The Port and its People

    Matching Funds!

    Double the impact of your gift!
    Thanks to funding from the City of New York your year-end gift will be matched in support of projects like the following:

  • Helping to make Wavertree accessible to visitors of all abilities
  • Transforming 213 Water Street into a vibrant community and education space
  • Expanding student programming ashore and afloat, including student overnight programs aboard Wavertree and our acclaimed programming for students with disabilities
  • Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Museum, with special exhibitions, a fundraising gala, new programming, and more!
  • Together, we’re building the future of the seaport, with the Seaport Museum as its cultural and community anchor. From the very beginning, the members, volunteers, and friends of the Museum have been its lifeblood. Please join us during this exciting time by making a generous donation in support of the Museum’s programs. The support we’ve received over the last fifty years has been invaluable; your support will be crucial to the next fifty.
    I look forward to seeing you soon at South Street.

    Captain Jonathan Boulware
    Executive Director