Fall Celebration

Hundreds Gather for the South Street Seaport Museum’s 2019 Fall Celebration!

Thank you to everyone that helped make the evening a great success and for being with us as we celebrated five decades of volunteerism!

Dear Friends,
On September 19 aboard the sailing ship Wavertree, flagship of the Seaport Museum’s fleet of historic ships, a mighty crowd assembled to celebrate. The event was the result of a multi-month effort that brought together sponsorship support, an outstanding and unprecedented group of guests, and a truly wonderful party.   

Our focus last night was a celebration of five decades of volunteerism at the Seaport Museum, from the founding volunteers who carved out the historic district to the sailing and ship-preservation volunteers that are at work every week aboard our ships.   

Every single person I spoke with throughout the evening was effusive about the venue, the crowd, the food, the message… the Museum!  

It was a grand party. The food and drink, provided by the Howard Hughes catering team, were outstanding. The talented Museum staff effectively communicated the Museum, its programs, its people, and its purpose. We celebrated the very best of the Seaport Museum, articulated why it is different and relevant, and we engaged the entire crowd (well over 450 of them!) in the effort to build this essential institution anew. The weather was perfect. The evening was perfect. And we hit all the marks: we raised the needed funds, had an outstanding assortment of guests, and made our objectives and our importance plain.

We, the staff and board of the Seaport Museum, extend warmest thanks to:

The sponsorship team, including the staff that led this and supported it, the Howard Hughes leadership team that leveraged their relationships to bring in new support, and the Museum trustees that engaged new sponsors and renewed old ones. This effort raised significant funds that will meaningfully support the Museum’s award-winning programming.   

The event production team for putting together a gorgeous and flawless event, complete with sublime early autumn weather.  

The programming team, which included everything from “dressing up” our ship to designing program demonstrations to expressing how and why we do what we do.   

The staff and board who generated such a fantastic list of people to attend our event.   

Last night’s party wasn’t just the biggest we’ve had; it was also the broadest representation of our various constituencies. We were in the company last evening of elected officials; volunteers; long-time donors; new donors; current and former trustees; civic leaders; community luminaries; leadership from local and important New York business, law, and industry; non-profit partners; preservationists; educators; community organizers… what a crowd!  

If you missed this one, there’s next year. And for the many who inquired about volunteering and/or contributing to the Museum, here below are links to donate and volunteer. We’re glad to have your support in all the ways you’re able to offer it!



Captain Jonathan Boulware
President and CEO
South Street Seaport Museum

The Seaport Museum thanks all of our sponsors for their generous support