Down by the Docks


Down by the Docks | Outdoor Land-Based Education Programs

The South Street Seaport Museum tells the story of how New York’s great natural harbor gave rise to the metropolis we know today. Dockside programs combine indoor and outdoor hands-on activities to show how the science of the harbor affects how we live.

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Dockside Ecology
90 minutes | Grades 1-12 | $175-$250*

New York Harbor is a place for ships, but also a place for fish. What lives here? And how? And how do people make a difference?

  • Explore the geography of the seaport. Why does marine life live here in NYC?
  • Examine shells of local marine life to learn how they live and how biologists classify them
  • Sample for small marine life and view it with microscopes. How do the organisms all fit together in the ecosystem?
  • Sample Harbor water and measure water quality. Is it really polluted?


Bridges and Ferries
90 minutes | Grades 1-6 | $175

Five boroughs, three islands! Explore how people have connected across the water through the years.

  • Observe and analyze bridge and ferry traffic
  • Use historic images to learn how the Brooklyn Bridge changed New York City
  • Experiment with bridge construction principles of physics and engineering


Float Your Boat
90 minutes | Grades K-5 | $175 -$250

So many different kinds of boats in the harbor. How do they float? How do they work? Discover some of the physics of the ships in the harbor.

  • Survey the vessels in the harbor and their hull shapes
  • Experiment with buoyancy – make something float by changing its shape
  • Discover the secrets of ballast – how do you load a vessel so it doesn’t capsize?

*Higher price for certain programs applies to group with more than 26 students

All programs are designed for groups of up to 34 students (40 people maximum including chaperones), but we do not recommend combining small classes into a big group.

All programs are aligned with New York City and State Social Studies and Science Learning Standards. Programs can be customized to meet your curricular goals and the needs of your students.

Reservations and advance payment required. Limited scholarships are available.

To book a program, or for more information please email or call (212)-748-8568


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