Pulling Back the Curtain – KCO at Melville


Pulling Back the Curtain | Knickerbocker Chamber Orchestra at Melville Gallery

Thursday, March 16 6pm-8pm | Melville Gallery – 213 Water Street

Gary Fagin and the KCO give you an insider’s look into the whys and hows of classical masterpieces!

Bach’s Brandenburg No. 3; Mozart’s Eine kleine nachtmusik; Beethoven’s 5th Symphony; Bartok’s groundbreaking string quartets; Copland’s American soundscapes… just what is it that makes this music extraordinary? Join Gary Fagin and the exceptional musicians of the KCO at the South Street Seaport Museum’s historic Melville Gallery, on Thursday evening, March 16, 6pm to 8pm, for this special, behind-the-scenes soirée.

Step into the inspired world of classical music; feel what it’s like to experience music from a musician’s perspective. Enjoy fine wine and genial bonhomie while supporting downtown’s most exquisite classical music ensemble!
Tickets priced for all levels of KCO supporters:

$20 for one – Musician: make music with us!
$50 for one – Conductor: your generosity will guide us!
$100 for one – Music Director: the KCO musicians rely on you!

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