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Pioneer | 1885 Schooner

Pioneer begins sailing may 27th! | Click here for calendar and tickets

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Spend an afternoon at the Museum! Late afternoon sails: Friday 3pm, Saturday 4pm, and Sunday 4pm, include free admission to the Museum’s exhibitions. Choose the afternoon special when selecting your trip and then bring your ticket to the Museum before or after your sail! Museum tours leave every 1/2 hour starting at 11:30am, please be sure to arrive with ample time before your sail if you wish to visit the museum before your trip. Click Here for Calendar and Tickets

In the days before paved roads, small coastal schooners such as Pioneer were the delivery trucks of their era, carrying various cargoes between coastal communities: lumber and stone from the islands of Maine, brick on the Hudson River, and oyster shell on the Chesapeake Bay. Almost all American cargo sloops and schooners were wood, but because she was built in what was then this country’s center of iron shipbuilding, Pioneer had wrought-iron hull. She was the first of only two cargo sloops built of iron in this country, and is the only iron-hulled American merchant sailing vessel still in existence.

By 1930, when new owners moved her from the Delaware River to Massachusetts, she had been fitted with an engine, and was no longer using sails. In 1966 she was substantially rebuilt and turned into a sailing vessel once again. Today she plies the waters of NY Harbor carrying adults and children instead of cargo in her current role as a piece of “living history.”

Today Pioneer is an award winning sail training vessel teaching volunteers of all kinds, traditional maritime skills, and the art of tall ship sailing. Visitors can board Pioneer for 2-hour day and evening cruises as she sails New York Harbor May through October. Pioneer offers special sails and programs and is available for private charter througout her season.

Special Sails & Charters


Our 1885 Schooner Pioneer is available for charters. Bring your friends, coworkers, and colleagues aboard for 2-hour sails in New York Harbor with striking views of the lower Manhattan skyline, Statue of Liberty and Governors Island. Catering is available upon request.


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Sailboats, tugboats, and ferries dot the surface of New York Harbor. But what lives under the waters? Board the historic 1885 schooner and set sail past Governors Island for the fishing grounds of Bay Ridge. We’ll set a trawl net and participants will haul it in, bringing up a variety of creatures from blue crabs to flounder. Will we catch a sea horse? A puffer fish? Maybe! Then it’s time to man your halyard and haul away! Children and adults help raise the sails so we can continue our exploration the old fashioned way. While sailing past the Statue of Liberty we’ll learn about the sea creatures we caught, examine plankton through a view-scope, test the water to learn how animals live here, and learn about our marine ecosystem.