W.O. Decker | 1930 Wooden Tugboat

Museum Admisson + Tugboat Ride

Take a 60-minute ride on the last surviving New York-built wooden tugboat W.O. Decker and as she cruises around New York Harbor heading for Lady Liberty. Decker will cruise to the Statue of Liberty, giving her riders stunning views of the Statue, Ellis Island, as well as the Battery, and Governor’s Island as you set out on and adventure unlike any you’ve had before! For the first time since her restoration, the historic tugboat W.O. Decker will be available for public sails on Saturdays and Sundays as part of an add on to your Museum Admission.

About W.O. Decker

The last surviving, New York built, wooden tugboat (originally steam powered and later refit with a diesel engine.) W.O. Decker was built in 1930 by the Newtown Creek Towing Company and originally named Russell I, after the towing company’s owners. She was renamed W.O. Decker in 1946 after being sold to the Decker family’s Staten Island tugboat firm. The tugboat was donated to the Seaport Museum in 1986, and was refit with a diesel engine. Decker is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is an exemplary model of the types of steam tugs that were once an abundant sight in New York Harbor. This unique vessel is a true testament to New York City’s maritime heritage, which is a direct factor in the city’s global prominence today.

In 2018, our beloved tug W.O. Decker underwent a thorough overhaul and returned to the Museum gloriously restored, thanks to public, private, and volunteer support. Last fall, Decker participated in the Great North River Tugboat Race and the Waterfront Alliance Heroes of the Harbor Parade
of Boats. In 2019, Decker will once again serves as an educational and public sail platform and will participate in ongoing bicentennial celebrations of the Erie Canal.

W.O. Decker – Past and Present