BOWNE PRINTERS | 209 Water Street

Mon – Sun | 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Bowne Printers is a recent expansion of Bowne & Co. Stationers that continues the age old tradition of job (or small batch) printing. Using seven historic presses from South Street Seaport Museum’s working collection; our resident printers create individual designs using custom plates or historic fonts. Visitors are invited to watch and discuss the history and contemporary relevance of letterpress, buy hand-printed items and order customs prints.

All proceeds from sales, donations, and special events benefit South Street Seaport Museum programs.

Printing Workshops at Bowne Printers use the traditional methods and historic presses that once documented marine trade for contemporary artisanal projects. For more information on upcoming workshops click here or email

All workshops are adaptable to individual and school groups as well as private events.