Secrets and Seawalls

Secrets and Seawalls

Secrets and Seawalls | A dance performance aboard ship Wavertree

July 20, 27, and 30 | $30 ($25 for members) VIP tickets are $45 ($40 for members).
VIP experience includes exclusive pre-show tour of Wavertree and after show meet and greet with the performers.

Secrets and Seawalls is an evening of dance in two distinct acts. Inspired by hurricane Sandy and New York’s strength and susceptibility, Melissa Riker, in collaboration with architect Lee H. Skolnick, FAIA, has created an evening of whispers, secrets and raw beauty exploring vulnerability, power, and how each are revealed. Dancers whisper across an expanse; stealing and sharing secrets in a shifting, immersive environment.
The piece is spurred by questions: Does power exist in the structures we create? In the way we withhold information? Or, is it in the vulnerability revealed before the storm? The work premiered along the beach at Fort Tilden in Gateway National Park, The Rockaways in 2015.

Secrets and Seawalls stems from the choreographer’s questions about the integrity of NYC’s seawalls and the impact of weather. Working in collaboration with architect Lee Skolnick, Riker and Skolnick use the lenses of their respective art forms to create a dance work that tracks vulnerability in ourselves and in structures.

Choreography by Melissa Riker, in full collaboration with the dancers. Dancers: Cassandra Cotta, Zachary Denison, Michelle Amara Micca, Zoe Allocco. Concept collaboration: Lee Skolnick, FAIA. Costumes by Asa Thornton. Live Music by Katie Down, Helen Yee and Michael Evans.


By subway: 2, 3, 4, 5, A, C, J, Z to Fulton Street station
Bus: M15, M15-SBS to Fulton Street. Downtown Connection to Pearl Street and Fulton Street.

*As we are located in an historic district please contact the museum regarding accessibility needs prior to your visit

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